Waste is a Renewable Resource

At Green Power Technologies, we view waste as a renewable resource and have challenged ourselves to optimize this resource through the development, design and implementation of an efficient and cost effective process.


Consider theĀ Green Choice

There is a now a Green Choice to responsibly handle our municipal solid waste and leave the next generation in a better place than the current by offering a real solution other than landfill or incineration as a means to dispose of our waste.


We Can Eliminate Landfills

Landfill or incineration of municipal solid waste is no longer the only economically viable solution to handling the worlds increasing waste problem; a Green Choice Bio-Recovery Center provides a sustainable alternative.


Clean Biomass is Tomorrow’s Future

Up to 90% of material that would go to landfill or incineration can be recovered through Green Power Technologies waste conversion and resource recovery process to be sold as valuable commodities including clean Biomass.