Key Personnel

Paul J. Bazely – VP Engineering

Paul BazelyPaul’s career includes over 25 years of engineering and operational experience in the automotive industry. He has gained world-class experience in all facets of plant design, development, construction, operation and maintenance. Paul has been involved in the start-up of numerous automotive plants and has managed projects with budgets in excess of $400 Million. Paul has proven abilities in design, development, testing, and evaluation of integrated systems for managing industrial production processes including human work factors, quality control, inventory control, logistics, material flow, cost analysis, and production coordination. As Green Power’s Head of Engineering, Paul will establish overall objectives, initiatives and strategic direction of the North American engineering function and be responsible for Global engineering operations. He will be responsible for construction, launch and on-going operations of all Green Choice Bio-Recovery Centers. Paul’s knowledge and experience provides the company with a world-class technically trained and educated executive with the expertise to ensure that its proprietary designs are built to the highest standards.

Raymond M. Skierski – VP Facility Operations

Skierski, RayRay’s considerable career includes 20-plus years in operations management, with extensive automotive manufacturing experience.  Having held executive positions with various industrial companies, Ray has worked his way up the ranks achieving the respect and admiration of his peers and employees.  Ray understands operations from the ground-up and is recognized as a turnaround specialist, known for transforming under performing operations to best in class.  Throughout his career Ray has demonstrated a proven track record in employee development and training, and has established industry-leading safety standards. With proven abilities in performance manufacturing, engineering, product development/ launch and quality management, Ray’s role also includes that of champion and cultural change agent.  As Vice President of Facility Operations, Green Power Technologies, Ray will establish overall objectives, initiatives and strategic direction of our plant operations.  Ray will ensure that operational excellence is instituted from day one and continues at all Green Choice Bio-Recovery Centers.  Ray’s knowledge when combined with his operations management experience provides the Company with an executive who has the proven expertise to ensure that engineering excellence is instituted in all the company actions.

Thomas Stevens – VP Process Systems

Thomas StevensTom’s professional career includes over 20 years in design and installation of recycling equipment and waste reduction systems. His experience and expertise is industry specific. Tom’s considerable talents are reflected in his work, which has included engineering and site work, equipment design, build, rebuild and refurbishment. Employing strategic commodity specific recovery, Tom has concentrated on materials such as metals, industrial and residential plastics, corrugated and paper products and municipal solid waste. He has participated in various activities including waste analysis and control, appraisal of plant equipment and plant liquidations. Tom is an executive of Wolverine Recycling Services Inc., which has been in business since 1943. Process flow, design, construction, implementation and continual improvement are all vital elements of Green Power’s proprietary process. Tom’s expertise and market experience will ensure the company is a leader in this new market segment. Responsible for the development and implementation of process equipment, Tom will lead his team in ensuring that all aspects of this engineering function meet logistical, financial and safety protocols.

Enrico A. Caruso, Esq. VP International

Enrico CarusoEnrico’s experience and ability to transcend borders is drawn from over 25 years of business, legal, immigration and international experience. As an attorney able to practice law in the United States and Canada, he has worked in Canada, the United States and England. Through both private practice and working as a business and legal executive in technology companies, Enrico has lead and been part of teams involved in the design, development and execution of mergers, acquisition and organization formation and funding, including Wall Street. With extensive hands-on experience in developing and implementing coordinated and complimentary business and legal strategies across borders, Enrico is able to draw on both his education and real-world experience. His unique, multi-disciplined background provides Green Power a seasoned professional with international experience capable of coordinating, motivating, directing and managing a cross-border organization.

Robert Kelley – VP Civil Engineering

Robert KelleyRobert’s career has encompassed all aspects of civil engineering, with the past 12 years focused in the architectural, engineering, and construction Services. He has gained expertise in the development, civil design, architectural design, estimating, project management, contracting and purchasing of multi-million dollar facility construction. Combining an engineering education with accounting and finance, Bob has qualifications and industry specific experience with waste management facilities including his most recent design and construction of a municipal solid waste transfer station. Green Power’s “Green Choice” facility construction requires the expertise, talent and experience of a civil engineer with waste facility development know-how. Bob has the credentials and experience necessary to construct scalable Green Choice facilities. His duties will ensure that all engineering requirements are fulfilled at all levels from design and build through overseeing construction and facility maintenance.

Mark Haron – VP Material Management

Mark HaronMark’s professional career has spanned over 40 years and includes involvement in the commodities market and industrial equipment brokering and appraisals. His work in the commodities business includes processing and brokering the sale of materials, both ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, paper, and glass. Mark has also been involved in buying, selling and brokering a range of products in the used industrial equipment business. He is a certified Equipment Appraiser, achieving this accreditation through USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) and has performed appraisals and work reports for publicly traded companies, banks, insurance companies and private individuals. Mark has specialized in buying and selling inspection and processing equipment, metal and wood working equipment, as well as support tools for major industries. Mark has expert negotiating skills and his knowledge of the commodity market will ensure Green Choice facilities will secure favorable contracts with premium pricing for their production of metals, plastics, glass and biomass.